In this quick guide we will show you the steps on importing Pupil details that have been exported from SIMS into Pupil Benchmark.

When exporting from SIMS you will need to export the following details: UPN, Forename, Surname, Gender, DOB, Reg, Year, FSM, Newcomer and SEN Status

After you have exported this from SIMS it will most likely be in Microsoft XLSX (.xlsx) format, simply open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and save as a Comma Delimited CSV file.

Once you have this converted to a CSV file you can follow the steps below to import into Pupil Benchmark.

  1. Go to your Pupil Benchmark and Log in. Click here for help on logging in

  2. Navigate to Admin > Manage Pupil Data which will take you to the Pupils Data and GDPR Tools page

    At this point you will either see a blank page with a Bulk Import button or you will see a list of previously imported pupils.

  3. Click on the Bulk Import button, you will be asked to Browse and Upload Data File, click on this and browse for your CSV File then click Open

  4. You will now see all your Pupils in the list

    If there are any issues uploading this data you will see a message stating Invalid File, if you get this error then please send us an email to or open a ticket with us here.